About Us

Built to Ride Fast


Derek Brayton and Tadd Armbruster know a thing or two about what makes a great set of wheels. Their years of experience riding, observing and creating bikes in the industry plus a desire to build a set of wheels has culminated in a set of superior rims that will not only exceed your expectations but excite you on each and every ride.

Derek, Tadd, and their team handcraft each wheel set in the Long Beach, California area from carbon fiber and complimentary lightweight components to offer a smoother and more reliable ride which allows for better cornering and greater performance. They started in August of 2015 with a goal to bring part of the bike industry back to the USA. With that in mind, they plan to offer more carbon components that are produced in America in the coming months. 

Discover the excellence and insightful craftsmanship in every handmade set of wheels Atom Composites builds and see how it changes your ride!